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Do you have the right size and shape boxes for moving?
Protecting your possessions while you move is a concern of everyone who has ever moved. Things can get scratched broken and ruined easily but if you have the right boxes to pack them in, you can lessen the risk of breakage.

One thing to remember when packing boxes for moving is not to overpack. If the box is too heavy, you run the risk of it being dropped or the bottom busting out and all your valuables crashing to the floor! When buying materials for the packing, don't forget to get lots of bubble wrap or craft paper so that you can wrap up breakables to keep it from smashing up against each other in the boxes while being transported.

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You will need different types of boxes for moving different types of items. Below is a list that you might want to consider when buying your boxes and moving supplies.

Small Boxes - these are good for books, knick knacks, and anything that might be too heavy if combined into larger boxes.

Middle Sized Boxes - use these boxes for moving lighter items so that you can put a lot of them in the box but not make it too heavy to lift. It is a good idea to keep items from the same room in the same box and don't forget to label each box as to what room it should go in.

Wardrobe Boxes - of course, these are great for moving your clothing. They have hangers right inside so you can simply move your clothes from the closet into the box. The box will be pretty heavy, but it will protect your clothing from getting dirty or greasy like it can if it is just thrown on top of everything else in the moving van.

Custom Sized Boxes - if you have artwork or mirrors that you want to protect, you may want to buy a custom sized box (or make one by cutting up a large corrugated box) that you can slide the piece into. Wrap it in bubble wrap first and secure the box with tape.

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