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A good business resume is an important part of managing your career and necessary when looking for a new job. For business, a chronological resume is preferred with the most current information placed first. You want your resume to invoke a feeling of professionalism so you should make sure it is in a neat format that is easy to read.

I prefer to have the date and company or educational institution listed on the left hand side of the paper in column and the accomplishments of each across from it on the right. That's not a steadfast rule, but you should try to keep it so that it is easy to determine what you accomplished, where and when.

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Every business resume should be accompanied by a cover letter. The cover letter is specific to the company you are interviewing at and accompanies the resume which is sent over prior to you securing an interview. It should be a simple paragraph that lists your relevant skills briefly - don't rehash everything in your resume on the cover letter just provide a brief introduction, list why you want to work at the particular company the letter is going to and your career goals. This can also be geared towards the particular skills they are seeking in the job. This may seem unnecessary but will add an air of professionalism and will go a long way to setting you apart from the crowd.

Your business resume should include all the necessary information about your education and skill set while still being as brief as possible. Don't ramble on and on about every tiny detail of each job position but list the relevant information almost like bullet items. The details will come out in the interview so you don't need to be too specific unless the actual job description calls for it. You can be very brief on jobs that you held more than 5 years ago and add more detail for the most current. Most people reading a resume will get bored after the second page so try to keep it to 2 pages and don't feel the need to include personal information like hobbies and such - if the interviewer is interested they can ask Do, however include a short blurb at the top with your professional goals.

Once your chronological business resume secures you an interview, don't forget to thank the interviewer with a follow up letter. This will server to "remind" them of you and may give you an edge over other candidates. The letter can be short and simple, just thanking them for their time and listing what particularly interests you about the position and how you think your skills can contribute.

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