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Moving? Don't forget - change mailing address!

If you are moving, don't forget to let people know where they can find you! It's important to make sure you get all your address changes in either prior to or shortly after the move. You don't want to miss an important piece of mail or have your credit card stop working because of conflicting addresses.

Luckily, the post office has a change of mailing address form that you can fill out and they will forward your mail from your old address for up to a year. This is a great safety net in case you forget to inform someone of your new address.

Once you move, you will receive things mailed to the old address with a big yellow sticker on them which should alert you to notify the sender that you have moved. Of course, this mail will take a bit longer to get to you, so if you have any vital mailings that you need without delay, it is best to call the sender up either right before or right after you move and let them know the new address.

Here's some of the typical companies and persons you need to inform when you change mailing addresses.

Credit Cards - sometimes one of the verifications on your card is your address. This is particularly common when charging stuff online. If you forget to change your mailing address in the online website, or forget to inform your credit card issuer of your change of address so that the two mismatch, your purchase will be declined. Of course, you want your credit card issuer to have your correct address so you can receive and pay your bills ontime!

Online Websites - these are a little less critical, but if you have websites that send you snail mail or process credit card transactions you should login and change your address. This is usually pretty simple and just requires logging in and using the change mailing address form, or simply editing the address field in your account. If you are charged monthly or quarterly you may forget all about this until the site tries to charge your card and gets rejected due to mismatching addresses.

Financial Institutions - Stocks, 401k, Mutual Funds - Don't forget to call your financial advisor or institution where you have your stocks, 401K or mutual funds so that you can receive your statements ontime!

Your Bank - Not only will you need to fill in a change of mailing address form to get your statements on time, but you also need to change the address on your checks. This might require ordering all new checks (so if you know you are moving, don't resupply until you are sure of the new address!). In the mean time, you can use the checks with your old address but just cross it out and write in the new one.

License - don't forget to notify the registry of vehicles and write in your new address on the back of your license.

Stores that you receive mailings from - stop by any brick and mortar stores that you receive fliers from or special sales announcements and ask to change your address. If you still want to get their mail, that is!

Magazine Subscriptions - Keep track of all the magazines you have delivered and make sure you call them or fill out a change of mailing address form included with the magazine so that you can continue to enjoy them in your new home.

Business Associate - of course, you don't need me to tell you to alert your business associates and clients of your new address, do you?

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