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How to Cut Down The Cost of Moving

The cost of moving can be staggering, but you may be able to do a few things to cut those costs. First off, make sure you get estimates from good quality companies. You'll want to get at least 3 estimates and make sure you show the moving company rep exactly what you will be moving. Moving costs are calculated by the weight of the items moved and the distance you are moving. As you can see, giving an estimate just by looking at your items can be tricky but most movers are professionals with years of experience and can get you in the general ball park.

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One way to cut down the cost of moving is to ask for a discount. If you don't ask, you can't get one. Be careful when you are using other estimates as your leverage - you want to make sure the estimates are on the same weight and distance. If you have 3 estimates with different weights, simply pick the highest weight and call the other companies to have them adjust their estimate - that way you will know who really is cheapest.

Moving costs can be lower during off-times. Most moves are done in the spring and summer so movers will be more inclined to cut the bill in the winter months. If you are lucky enough to be able to schedule your move for the winter, you may be able to save quite a bit.

Another way to cut costs is to do as much work yourself as possible. Pack all your household goods yourself (although, you may want to leave anything expensive to the movers in case it breaks so it can be covered in the insurance). All your clothing, and non breakables can be packed by you. Don't just buy the moving company boxes either, shop around for the best price. Check out online stores like Uline and even eBay as they often have much better deals than local stores especially if you buy in bulk.

Since moving costs are calculated by weight, another way to cut the cost of moving is to get rid of everything you do not need. All those clothes in smaller sizes that you're going to be able to wear again someday - get rid of them - buy new ones when you do reach that smaller size! Old stuff that is laying around in the basement and attic can probably be sold in yard sales or thrown out. Take a good hard look at everything and think about how much you would miss it if it was lost in a fire or flood - be honest now. Everything you wouldn't miss can be sacrificed to lighten the load.

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