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Florida Relocation - What To Expect

If you are planning a Florida relocation, don't overlook the details in your excitement to live in the sun. Oh sure, it's a paradise with tropical weather, sun almost every day, warm temperatures and plenty of beaches, but there's also some down sides to living in Florida.

Insurance - if you are planning a florida relocation, you'd better set aside a lot more in the budget for insurance. Health, auto and homeowners is much more expensive and you may have hard time even getting homeowners insurance at all.

The recent devastation from hurricanes has created an insurance crisis down there so it would be wise to look into these items before moving down.

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Employment - Employment in Florida consists mostly of service and medical. There's not much big business and jobs may be hard to come by. The pay is a bit less than most other places so you may not be happy with what you can take home compared to what you are used to. The cost of housing is less down there to offset it, but there is a housing boom right now that is driving prices upwards.

Weather - To many, a Florida relocation means living in a tropical paradise, and that's what it is - most of the time. The summers are terribly hot and hurricanes can rip through the state leaving devastation in their path. But most of the time the temperatures are mild and invite outdoor living. Because of this, you'll want to make sure you a nice porch or liana, preferably screened in so you can take advantage of the great weather and spend as much time outdoors. A pool is an added plus to keep you cool in hot days. You can use it pretty much year round and your guests from colder climates will want to jump right in even when you think it might be too cold!

One special concern about the weather is the hurricanes. Living right on the coast you run a huge risk of having your house ripped apart, plus your insurance will be astronomical - if you can even get it. Buying a house even just 5 miles inland can drastically reduce your insurance and your risk. Building codes were changed in the 1970's to require more hurricane preventive features so try to buy a newer house if you can. A concrete block constructed home will stand up well to high winds and will be resistant to termites and rot.

Maintenance - Along with a Florida relocation will come some extra maintenance. The moist air and constant sun shine can cause problems for homeowners such as fading, mold and algae. In addition, you will need to be prepared to keep up your landscaping year round. Since your air conditioner will be running pretty much all the time, it will require more maintenance than in most areas of the US. If you have a pool, you may want to have a pool service take care of it, or you can learn to do it yourself.

But don't let this scare you off a Florida relocation. Florida is a beautiful state where you can have perfect weather most days and beautiful beaches to visit that are a short drive away. It's a friendly state with a laid back style and beautiful scenery.

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