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Using A For Sale By Owner Sign

If you are selling your house yourself, a for sale by owner sign is essential.
This is probably your biggest form of advertising and you want to make sure you have one that is professional and easily seen. You want to make sure that your sign stands out in order to let prospective buyers know that your house is for sale!

Using a professional for sale by owner sign is important. It lets the buyer know that you mean business. It also gives them an impression of the quality of the house overall.

So if your sign is properly printed and looks professional it can five the prospective buyer a feeling that your house is maintained well and in good condition.

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The best kind of for sale by owner sign will be printed on durable material that is weather resistant. Plastic seems to work great for this and there are many printers that can make your sign, or you may even be able to find them premade at your local store. Make sure you get a rod to stick the sign in the ground and that it is double sided so you can get them coming and going!

You want your for sale by owner sign to stand out so get a bright color like red and place it in a prominent place where the traffic will be sure to see it. Of course, you want it to be obvious which house is for sale so make sure it is near enough to your house for that to be apparent. Write your phone number in the allotted area in large letters - you might consider getting a template if your handwriting is not neat so that the professional look can be maintained.

Finally, make sure that your for sale by owner sign does not obstruct any views or is in that path of foot traffic. If you can, get one of those signs that has a plastic "house" on it with a lid in which you can put the listing sheet for your house. That way prospective buyers can get all the info they need without bothering you - if it looks like something they would be interested in, they can set up an appointment, but if not then their time or yours won't be wasted.

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