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Unfortunately, homes are foreclosed on almost every day. A list of free foreclosures can be a good start for you to look into buying one of these homes that often sell for a fraction of the cost. And luckily this list is only a mouse click away!

You can find foreclosures nationwide and ferret out the best bargains for you to buy your own new home at a major discount, or even as an investment. Say you wanted to buy a vacation home in Florida but weren't quote ready to use it yet - why not buy a foreclosed home and rent it out until you are ready?

The list of free foreclosures is updated daily so every day is a chance for you to find foreclosure deals that you can use to put more money in your pocket. Of course, buying a foreclosed home does have some caveats.

Many times these homes have been neglected and you will probably be facing some repairs. Although, sometimes you can get one that is in good condition. Your best bet is to drive by the home and see how the outside is kept up - this should give you an idea of how well the inside is maintained. The free foreclosures search does tell you the street the house is on, but you'll need to register for a free trial to get the actual street number.

Another pitfall of buying foreclosures is that sometimes, the defaulted owner refused to move out! I went to one being sold at auction and the people were still living in the house as the sale was going on. Personally, I wouldn't have the heart to throw a family out so I wouldn't buy a house under those circumstances. If you do, you will need to follow legal channels to evict or try to work out a rent schedule or something with the inhabitants. Actually it could work out good for you if you were buying for an investment and had an instant renter - of course bear in mind that they couldn't pay the mortgage in the first place.

Of course, you can get a list of free foreclosures in your area by looking in the papers. Foreclosures need to be listed buy law so look in your public notice section for all upcoming sales. But the paper can be a bit cumbersome, and it's so much easier to look online. You can even sign up for an email alert at the website. That way you can simply check your email each day to see if anything new has come up in your desired area!

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