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Free mortgage quotes are provided by almost every online lending institution today so it's pretty easy to get an idea of what your mortgage payments will be. Check out a quote at some of the top lenders today:

Moneysearch - get quotes from multiple lenders and find the best rate for you!

Low-Rate Mortgage & Home Equity Loans - at E-Loan where there are no hidden fees and costs you can get a loan decicsion in 10 minutes!

In order to get free mortgage quotes, of course you will have to give some information. At the bare minimum, you will need to know the desired loan amount, how much you are putting down, the time of house, time frame of the loan and in some cases the location and your income and credit information. Most places will want to email you the quote so an email address might be asked for in addition to your name, phone number, and address.

When comparing free mortgage quotes, you want to also consider the loan fees associated with each loan. You may not get this information with a free quote and may have to speak to a loan representative or fill out an application before the fees can be calculated. If all other things are equal, of course, you will want to pick the loan with the smaller fees!

Of course, rates can vary daily so you will want to be sure that you get your free mortgage quotes on the same day (or at least make sure the rate hasn't fluctuated since you got the first point of data). Also, for practical purposes you want to consider the lock in period. This is the time that the quotes rate is good for. Typically, the longer the lock in period that more costly the loan. You need to make sure the lock in period is long enough for you to actually close on the house or you may lose your quoted rate. When comparing mortgage rates, you'll need to make sure you compare ones with the same lock in period.

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