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Which Furniture Moving Pads Should You Use?

Believe it or not, not all furniture moving pads are alike!
These quilted pads, used to protect furniture during a move come in different grades or qualities and you want to make sure you get the right one for the job. Made with cotton batting inside and tough material outside, these pads are sewn up like a quilt to provide a baffle between your fine furniture and whatever it might hit up against during a move.

Furniture moving pads come in different ranges - ones for long haul moving, ones for local delivery and ones for high value products.

The higher quality pad, the longer it will last, but several factors also affect it's life expectancy. If your pads get wet, they will start to get moldy and eventually break down. Local delivery pads have a tendency to get dirtier faster as they are moved from place to place frequently. Often used pads can show wear due to excessive handling.

Of course, the main job of furniture moving pads is to protect your furniture so you need to make sure the pads are of good quality and not threadbare and thin. The pads should be wrapped around any type of furniture - not just wooden. Typically they are secured with movers tape if and it is advisable to use more than 1 on high end and expensive furniture.

Caring for moving pads is easy. Simply treat them with respect! Don't throw them down on the ground and take care to make sure they do not get wet. Fold them up when done and store them neatly. If you notice the outer material becoming worn, it's probably time to discard that pad as it won't take long for the thing to fall apart.

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