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If you are computer savvy, you may try finding a job by using job hunting sites. This is particularly helpful if you are thinking about relocating to a different area. These sites are easy to use and free for the job hunter to browse. You can even use them to get your resume out there and get employers to start calling you!

Start With These Job Hunting Sites:

  • Over 900,000 Jobs Available - This site has over 900,000 jobs for you to search! You can search by city, state, job type and industry and have the system email you when jobs matching your criteria become available. This site has employers in all kinds of companies - big and small so you're sure to find something in your job hunt that interests you.

  • Freelance Work Exchange - Get a life! Get a freelance job, work at home and make loads of money. Click here to start. Work from home as a freelance worker and enjoy freedom and a paycheck! Jobs are in demand for writers, editors, web design, medical transcription, internet research, data entry, programming, graphic design and more!

  • - Search hundreds of thousands of jobs, get career advice and network at Try monster networking to meet contacts in your area that can help get you your dream job.

    Hunting for a job can be a time consuming and frustrating task, but if you use online sites, you can speed the job up so much more. Post your resume and it can be seen by thousands of potential employers. Even your daily job hunting can take less time if you set up your account to receive emails from the site that matches the types of jobs you are looking for - no more pouring through the paper, just open your email and they will all be listed right there!

    Of course if you are looking to relocate, using an online site can be extremely beneficial as it is simply not practical to fly out to your new area every week! You can simply hunt for jobs in your new area and negotiate online until you find one that is interesting enough for you to fly out. Maybe the potential employer will even pay for it!

    Searching for jobs on online sites is safe and easy. The key thing is to have a great resume that stands out from everyone else. Make sure you keep it current and use a pleasing format - chronological is best with the most recent experience at the top. Don't be too wordy - put in just enough to convey your experience and let them ask for details in the interview! Beef up your resume at

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