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Getting A Mobile Home Appraisal

Getting a mobile home appraisal is similar to that of any home and necessary for the sale of your house or if you are attempting to borrow against it. An appraisal is simply a comparison of your home against other homes in the area which have recently sold to determine the fair market value of your property. The appraisal must take into consideration many things in order to compare apples to apples.

One big aspect of a proper mobile home appraisal is the neighborhood. If your home is in a mobile home park than this is a piece of cake, but if your home happens to be on land and in a neighborhood with all regular built homes then this could make it difficult to find a similar home with a recent sale. In order to make an accurate appraisal, there should be 3 homes like yours that have sold in that neighborhood within the last 6 months or so. You can see how this could be problematic if you do not have any other mobile homes in your neighborhood!

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Comparing your home to another can be tricky for an accurate mobile home appraisal. Of course, square footage comes into consideration as does age. You'll have to consider any additional pieces to the property like a storage shed or summer porch and carport. Upgrades make a pretty big difference as does the overall condition and how well the property is maintained. When buying, people are looking for more than 1 bath and updated kitchens and bathrooms so this can add a bit of value to your home.

If the mobile home appraisal is just for loan purposes, the upgrades may not be such a factor. The square footage and value of the property it sits on might be the major things a loan appraisers looks for. When I got a home equity loan on my regular home, they simply looked at the last selling price and tacked on a few bucks to bring it current and seemed not at all concerned about the amenities or upgrades. If you are selling, however, these things are a big deal and can be the difference between someone buying your mobile home or the one down the street.

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