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Things To Consider When Moving A Pool Table

When moving a pool table you must first consider if you want to move it yourself or hire someone.
A professional mover will make sure your table is moved without breakage, and set up properly so it is ready for you to play on. This can cost over $500.00, but is probably a good deal if you have a very expensive table. Moving it yourself will save you a bundle, but you need to be very careful and make sure you know how to set it back up correctly.

Moving a pool table isn't rocket science but it is really heavy so if you want to move it yourself you'll have to call in a favor from your strongest friends and make sure you get a dolly!

Pool tables consist of 3 pieces of slate, each weighing 150 pounds! These pieces are carefully matched to fit together, so if you break one, you may find that you are going to have to replace all 3.

Once you have moved the pool table to it's new location, you will need to set it up properly. It is critical to have the table be level and that the cloth is stretched properly. This might be a new time to get new cloth if yours is old and worn as it may be difficult to put it back on in this condition. You want to make sure that you have enough room on all sides of the table to make shots, of course so placement inside the room is important

Once you have figured out where to put the table, you can reconstruct it doing the reverse of how you took it apart. Make sure you carefully place the slate back so it matches up and fill in the cracks in the slate, carefully sanding the filler when done so that you don’t sand down any of the slate!

Another thing to consider when moving a pool table, is to make sure the base is square before you put in the slate and cloth. You can use carpenters tools to determine this and tighten up the corners as needed. A level will help you to determine if the table is square when all is said and done. You can adjust the little feet as needed if the table is not square.

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