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There's many home loan options out there today, bridge loans for folks who are transitioning from owning one home to another, jumbo loans for expensive houses, low income home loans, loans for people with bad credit and even loans for those who have no money to put down.

No money down home loans are a good alternative for first time buyers or anyone who does not have or does not want to spend money to put down on the home. Some loans can even get you money back to pay closing costs with 103% financing.

A loan with no money down requires that you have excellent credit but works well for buyers who can't scrape up any extra money for a down payment. It is also a good alternative for anyone who wants to purchase a high value house and has a high income, but doesn't have a lot of cash as well as for those who don't want to sell investments like stocks to use as a down payment.

Bridge Loans are used to bridge the gap between when you have purchased a home and when you sell your current home. This kind of loan is not for everyone and certainly not a low income loan. If you need this type of loan you will probably pay dearly for it.

Low Income Home Loans are widely available and many are financed through government programs. Qualifying for a low income loan usually has restrictions on your income and, of course, you can only purchase a home that your income will allow. It's probably a good idea to clean up your credit record before you go for a low income (or any kind of) loan.

Bad Credit Loans are available at most lending institutions. Just how bad your credit is will dictate the interest rate you will be able to secure. The worse your rating, the higher the rate. Read more about how buying a house with bad credit can affect your bottom line.

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