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Posting resumes online is easy and can open up a whole new world of prospective employers that you might not have had an opportunity to meet. There are several online job posting services that will help to connect you with the perfect job.

You can get about any type of job through online postings that you could imagine. There's a site that specializes in freelance work if you want to sit at home and work in your jammies, or sites that offer hundreds of thousands of jobs outside the home. Examples of some jobs available include: Engineering, restaurant management, sales, medical, drivers, executive assistants, customer service, forklift operators, real estate associate, law enforcement, finance, payroll, construction, aviation, machine operator and receptionist to name but a few - all different shifts and some even listed a sign on bonus!

Before posting resumes online, of course you should make sure yours is updated and in a professional and easy to read format. Your resume should include all the necessary information about your education and skill set while still being as brief as possible. Don't ramble on and on about every tiny detail of each job position but list the relevant information almost like bullet items. The details will come out in the interview so you don't need to be too specific unless the actual job description calls for it. You can be very brief on jobs that you held more than 5 years ago and add more detail for the most current. Most people reading a resume will get bored after the second page so try to keep it to 2 pages and don't feel the need to include personal information like hobbies and such - if the interviewer is interested they can ask Do, however include a short blurb at the top with your professional goals. If you don't want to write your own, you can get resumes online written just for you. By simply answering a list of questions about your skills, you can have a professional write your resume - and it's all done online - you don't even have to get out of your pajamas! Learn more about this service by visiting our job hunting section

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