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Are You Willing To Relocate?

Before you tell your boss that you are willing to relocate, consider all the aspects of your move and salary considerations. In most cases, there will be a salary adjustment when moving from one area of the country to another. While these adjustments are usually based on cost of living, there are many added expenses that you need to consider when relocating in order to figure out if you are getting a good deal.

Of course, the first thing to consider is moving costs. If you have come to an agreement with your current employer because you are willing to relocate, you should make sure that the cost of moving is paid for by the company.

Make sure you take into consideration all the costs, packing, hauling and be aware that there may be extra costs if the movers have to walk a far distance from the truck to the front door or if there is inadequate parking and the movers must "shuttle" your stuff from the truck to the house in a van.

In addition to the aesthetics of considering if you are willing to relocate to a certain area, you need to consider how some of the financials may affect your wallet such as property tax, state and local income taxes and sales tax. All these can vary wildly from town to town and could be added expenses to you.

Your other monthly and yearly costs can be affected as well. Consider the car insurance and registration fees for your new town and compare them to what you currently pay. Is your home insurance more because you are in a flood, hurricane or tornado area? What about the utility bills such as lights, heat and cooling? Not to mention grocery bills and the cost of day care, hairdressers and general goods. It pays to shop around before you tell your boss that you are willing to relocate so that you can see just how your relocation will affect your salary and pocket book.

If you are moving to a different climate, there may be other relocation and salary considerations that you might not be aware of. If you are moving from a mild climate to a cold on, you'll need to consider the extra costs of heating plus snow removal and the extra purchase of snow tires, snow blowers and winter gear. If you are moving from a cold climate to one that is warm year round you may have extra costs such as pest control, year round landscaping and even pool costs that you aren't used to.

If you really are willing to relocate - make sure you get the most for your house by reading our tips for selling a house.

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